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postheadericon Tax advices and Tax for legal entities

  • Establishment of Tax return, Tax estimations, calculation of Tax provision 
  • Appearance and Tax representation
  • Claim and appeal 
  • Tax advices and planning of year-end closing of accounts (depreciations, Tax provisions, etc...) 
  • Negociation of Tax status (domiciliary, financial, holding, principal and service company) 
  • Advices regarding set-up or restructuration of a company ( transformation, merger or restructuration of a company or a group of companies, selling, acquisition,  dissolution and liquidation)  
  • Assistance to companies in the management of their expatriates 
  • Advices and establishment of employees's participation plans  ( stocks or options), approval by the Tax authorities  
  • Various advices regarding direct and indirect taxation ( withholding Tax and stamp Tax) 
  • Advices regarding VAT (subjection, counting, assistance in case of verification, etc...) 
  • Advices regarding real estate Tax 
  • Advices regarding international Tax (double tax treaties, Tax relief, international distribution, transfer pricing, etc...) 
  • Due diligence and Tax risks identification 
  • Establishment of charges regulations for all kind of companies, impacts analysis on companies and employees, in regard with social security